Hi, I’m Stephanie!

Hi, I’m Stephanie!

Wifey. Dog Mom. Blogger.

I’m Stephanie. I honestly never know what to put on these ‘About Me’ pages. Because, what do I really say here? I have four dogs and a wonderful husband. We live in a small town, which I adore.

In my free time I enjoy reading books, true crime (movies, documentaries, books, podcasts, shows, etc.), taking pictures, and attempting to garden and DIY around the house.

My husband and I got married April 2, 2021 in a very small ceremony at a park. It was perfect. Afterwards, we got pizza for our family. 

My mom has been missing since May 25, 2001, after going out with her ex-boyfriend. I am trying to share her story as much as possible so maybe we can finally get some answers as to what happened to her.

I enjoy rescuing older dogs. The ones that most other people don’t want, because they are older and/or have some issues. They deserve the best life, so that’s what my husband and I give them.

I suffer from severe anxiety and it’s something I am quite open about. I don’t mind sharing my struggles about that. I also have a love/hate relationship with my body and weight. Another thing that I do not mind sharing about. I think people need a safe space to be able to talk about their struggles and that is exactly what this space is. 

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